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the land of ME

a.k.a. the land of david

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I'm not sure what to say... at the moment i'm looking at an Alice In Wonderland madness quiz, so i'll say i like the Cheshire Cat from the AiW movie.

I also like being high from natural means - i.e. dancing like a spaz, having too much sugar, staring at the ocean. I wish DJs had more imagination/wider tastes. I love the way electric guitars sound. My favourite character in "The Years of Rice and Salt" is K. And one of my favourite people in the world has a name starting with K.

I have shrines figurines of Tara, Illyria, and VampWillow, as well as Venus/Aphrodite, Diana, and Bacchus/Dionysus. I feel these characters adequately compass my various philosophies and tendencies.

I beleive in free love, free healthcare, free education, free speech, and other evil commie things. I do not believe in free trade. I think "freedom to buy/sell" is probably the single most ridiculously irrelevant human right ever devised. I do not "exercise choice" by picking a car colour. I "exercise choice" by being vocal about my opinions, reading, drawing, and writing what I like, and pursuing happiness. I would, however, support anybody's right to exercise choice by defacing a car company's advertisements. :)

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20 random facts about me.
¡!Super fun happy quiz (OF DOOM!)

What else can i mention? Oh, soon i shall rule the world. Buwahahahaha!!

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