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On power-serving cowardice.

Found two brilliant essays online by a Canadian guy named Mike Cowie. I won't quote every quotable, as, honestly, pretty much every paragraph is perfectly and succinctly argued, but here are some of the bits that resonated with me most strongly:

Freedom Denied: The Crushing of Sri Lanka's Tamils

"So, with the war in Sri Lanka now over and the Tamils having been crushed and brought to their knees, I'd like to ask just one question: Are we happy now? With the Tamils' decades-long struggle for self-determination quashed and their dreams of an independent homeland shattered, are we fully satisfied? Should we give ourselves a pat on the back?"
"The truth is that by the beginning of this decade the Tamils had, in fact, already won a homeland for themselves in the north and east of the island. The two sides had fought to a stalemate, signed a ceasefire and entered into peace talks. But one very significant event on the other side of the world changed all of this—an event that had absolutely nothing to do with Sri Lanka. I'm talking about 9/11."
"[T]he armies of the nations we in the West have decided to support are often guilty of committing much worse atrocities than the rebel groups we've arbitrarily decided to label as "terrorists". It is government forces that carpet bomb rebel-held areas. It is government forces that often wage scorched-earth policies, killing thousands—or tens of thousands—of innocents. But for some strange reason, we're totally fixated upon any and all rebel bombings."

The Blame The Victims Rant: Up With The Strong, Down With The Weak

"The Tamil Tigers sure as hell aren't innocent, but the idea that they're terrorists and the government isn't is completely, totally and utterly asinine."
"Aside from the Darfur conflict in Sudan, it seems we've taken sides AGAINST the weak, the oppressed, the downtrodden and the victimized in just about every conflict and struggle around the globe in recent years; AGAINST people who are only fighting for that which we all take for granted and accept as our inherent rights. So, seriously, what the hell's wrong with us? That's what I want to know."

I would point out that the opposition to the Darfur conflict has been more a cause of Western peoples than Western governments. Ditto Tibet, aside from a few pussy-footing comments here and there. So the story remains consistent. Our leaders (including KRudd) support the strong, and hate the weak. And when i say "support", i mean, provide with weapons and money. And when i say "hate", i mean, hate to the point of physical murder.

Hence the title of this post.
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