David (dissembly) wrote,

Something about recovering from being sick makes me feel better than i did beforehand.

It's like, i take health for granted normally, and then getting over a flu (not that flu) forces you to realise just how nice it is to simply breathe clearly. Anyway, i still have a cough, but even with that i swear i feel better than i did on Thursday, before i was sick. Maybe my brain is releasing happy drugs.

Anyway, on unrelated things, i like what Chaia Heller says about critical films/essays/etc... lacking a "second half" - the half where you say "now what do we do?". It's quite pervasive. In fact i remember seeing the green tips at the end of An Inconvenient Truth and thinking it was slightly anticlimactic, "Are these handy hints really the solution to the problem you've just built up for us?" Not that they don't matter, just that, now that you've got this wonderfully popular platform, and you've established this argument about what's going wrong with the world, there must be bigger directions to take it in.

U2 cover All Along The Watchtower, a song about impending revolution, and in their version they say "All i've got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth... the rest is up to you", and i feel a bit dirty when it gets to that bit, because U2 actually have an awful lot more than that, and they use it to raise funds for organisations like Amnesty International (which is EXCELLENT), but they also tend to use it to grant "youth-cred" to politicians like Tony Blair, when they could be mounting a critique of these kinds of phony people. They're anti-poverty campaigners, yes, but you can't call for an end to poverty without finding alternatives to the systematic... systems that create poverty. It'd be fairly awesome if they realised how much more they had, and went further with it.

Maybe they feel as constrained as the rest of us. The "rest is up to you" aesthetic of "everyone get involved" is not controversial (nothing vaguely democratic or revolutionary can function without it), it's the "all i've got" bit that makes me squint, i think.

A little stream of consciousness.
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