David (dissembly) wrote,

Am listening to Noam Chomsky talk about the economy on Democracy Now! - http://www.democracynow.org/2009/4/13/noam_chomsky_on_the_global_economic

His books can sometimes be written in a dense, convoluted sort of way, but his interviews are very different.

He always sums things up so succinctly, without dumbing it down. And he delivers everything with such a strange, dispassioned sort of air. He's not alarmist, and he's not boring, he's just having a conversation. And he cuts to the heart of things, but doesn't come off as pedantic in the process. And you can tell that he's seen all of this stuff so many times before that no injustice particularly surprises him. There's a sadness in that.

Like he figured out how the world works long ago, and spent his life watching it prove him right in ever more unfair and horrible ways. It seems to come through in interviews more strongly than in his writing.

Maybe just because you can see him as this human being, sitting there, never hedging, never dodging a question, always cutting to the meaning of something rather than obsessing over the terminology or the "letter of the law".

Watch his interviews. Compare them to any interview ever with, say, any politician, any member of Cabinet or prime minister. Compare it to Stephen Conroy's pissweak interviews about his bullshit censorship proposal. Heck, compare to anyone else who's written a book and is being interviewed to help sell it.

Listening to Chomsky is like watching smoke finally clear.
Tags: chomsky, media
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