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Lay it all down.

To all Australians and New Zealanders, happy "Human-Beings-Are-But-Fodder-For-The-Nightmare-Machine" Day.

Let's use the chance to remember the callousness, racism and incompetence of public figures like Winston Churchill and Billy Hughes, who threw us into the invasion of Turkish land that was Gallipoli (the date that ANZAC Day commemorates).

Let's use the chance to remember the peace protestors who get vilified every year for desecrating shrines, a far worse crime, in our world, than using shrines to desecrate human beings.

Let us remember the Australian "heroes" such as General Thomas Blamey whose statue stands near the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, who organised fascist paramilitary squads for the purpose of killing unionists, socialists, anarchists and communists in case they became too rowdy over the injustices they lived under.

Let us remember that our "social betters", men like Prime Minister Robert Menzies, admired Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, until they had a falling out over the limits of German territorial rights (also known as World War II), later imaginitively ret-conned into a humanitarian fight for the lives of the Jews, communists, gays and other social agitators that people like Menzies hated so much.

Let us remember the 10 women and 56 men who sailed from Australia - with absolutely no government approval or support of any kind - to fight back against the soon-to-be-dictator Franco's brutal crushing of the leftist Spanish Revolution, only to find themselves sold out by hardline Stalinists and attacked and executed by murderous Fascists (it's the story of the 20th century...).

Let us remember the RSL's attempts to set up groups of strikebreakers during the Whitlam era. Let us recall how, every single year, we get quotes from stupid, cowardly, decrepit old men boasting about how if they had their old rifle with them, they'd gladly maim or kill those rambunctious youngsters, and the Herald-Sun and the RSL cheer them on, revelling in the fantasy slaughter of their fellow citizens.

Let's use the chance to root out the strands of patriotism that creep into our souls, corrupting and debasing our ability to reason in the face of powerful psychopaths who - unchecked - would not think twice about sending us all overseas to sate their endless bloodlust with our deaths.

Above all, let's ignore our leaders. Let's turn our backs on Kevin Rudd. Let's turn our faces from Bruce Ruxton. Let's not forget the nightmares that rich men like these support in countries like Bolivia, East Timor, Nicaragua, and other third-world nations crawling with Western-backed fascist paramilitaries. Let's not forget the silence they keep when it comes to real injustices all over the world, unless it's suddenly in their favour to speak. Let's not take advice from another disgusting bigoted criminal again.

Music For ANZAC Day!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZdDxFsopVs - Candles In The Rain

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XWjTXQutf4 - Forgotten Years

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ced8o50G9kg - Blowin' In The Wind
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