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Sun, Mar. 22nd, 2009, 02:44 pm
Remember the Twin Towers!!!

I get regular updates from a friend while he's scanning news outlets, so i get to hear all the stupid things that our bespectacled goon of a Prime Minister says as soon as theyre in print.

Today, my friend says that Kevin Rudd says that anyone who questions our place in Afghanistan should "remember the twin towers".

I'm remembering. Yup, still remembering. Not seeing why he wants us to remember this... i'm sorry, maybe i've missed some vital part of the issue?

Maybe that bespectacled goon is trying to draw our attention to the systematic undermining of human rights groups, democrats, and socialists in the middle east? We did sit back and watch the US wipe them out, one by one, throughout the region. Thus ensuring that the ONLY popular movements left alive in Muslim countries were the most psychotic, most homocidal, most hardline religious extremists imaginable.

I can certainly see the connection between that and the "twin towers".

Or perhaps K.Rudd is trying to remind us how the U.S. took these psychotic maniacs, gave them craploads of money, shoved guns into their hands, told them to "Go out and cause as much chaos and bloodshed as you possibly can", while slapping them on the back and kicking them into the desert?

I can DEFINITELY see the connection between that and the "twin towers".

But thats not fair; clearly he's not talking about the past, hes talking about the present! Aussie troops in Afghanistan are working hard to rid the country of extremists like the Taliban...

...except, they won't touch the known war criminals that have been installed in the Afghan parliament.

And, they probably don't want to start a fight with the private armies belonging to some of the most misogynistic, anti-democratic, theocratic nutbags in the entire country.

In fact, they will sit back and watch Malalai Joya (a highly popular member of Parliament who is highly critical of religious extremists) be forced out of her own Parliament. Out of her own country, even. They'll sit back and watch while she's forced to take bodyguards wherever she goes, before they even think of lifting a finger against the unpopular US-backed warlords that openly threaten her life.

But then, Malalai Joya is more concerned with religious extremists who murder her fellow Afghanis - they weren't in the "twin towers", you see. Perhaps this is the connection Krudd wants us to draw?

So, Aussie troops are supposed to prevent further terrorist attacks, by... what, exactly? Running around in the desert shooting Taliban? A group whose credibility grows every time the Western forces shoot up villages and bomb wedding parties?

Or are we preventing further terrorist attacks by rewarding homocidal religious extremists, because they're nominally "against the Taliban"?

That worked so well when we rewarded homocidal religious extremists during the 80s because they were "against the Soviets".


You work constantly to associate Westerners with civilian mass murder. You undermine and wipe out Middle Eastern leftists, the people who are most likely to oppose religious violence. You take religious psychopaths, and you give them political power. You put guns in their hands and money in their pockets. You give them credibility they would never have had without you.

And then you turn around and say we have to do all this, to prevent terrorism?


Bespectacled. Goon.